Hosting On Our Servers

Although we can install our sites on any server of your choosing, the majority of our clients prefer to be hosted with us. We specialize in providing a hassle-free effective solution, so we deal with the specifics concerning software, installation, security, bandwidth, storage space, email boxes site upgrades and migrations, so that you don't have to

PlexityNet offers you a fast, efficient and reliable hosting service.  We offer a round the clock service.  If at any time anything should seem out of place, you can call our customer service to get immediate help.

Our hosting prices are not at the cheap end of the market but neither is our service. However they are competitive and affordable and will be billed annually or as suites the customer.

The Hosting Technology / Infrastructure we use

PlexityNet hosting facilities are located in a state-of-the-art data centre in El Segundo, Los Angeles County, California, USA. The data centre is built to Tier IV specifications catering for mission critical IT operations.

Facility: Approximately 7,000 square feet currently with room for expansion up to 40,000 square feet. On-site armed security is around-the-clock. Bulletproof security station and shipping/receiving areas with a Biometric security system are also in place. All personnel require authorized escorted visitations.

Power: Two separate power feeds provided by two separate Southern California Edison substations.

Generator: Building can operate at 100% connected load on five HiTecs and two standby generators (HiTec holds the world’s record in no break electrical output).

Diesel Fuel Supply: 50,000 gallons, on-site comprised of two 25,000 gallon tanks. The facility is also on the emergency fuel list in case of a natural disaster.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning): 3,350 tons total refrigeration capacity (5 Chillers at 670 Tons each). Building has own water well for its HVAC backup system so it is not dependent on city for continuous operations.

Fire Suppression: Dry pipe, pre-action system enabled by activation of VESDA (very early smoke detection alarm) and or smoke detectors. Loss of air pressure in the pipes caused by a broken sprinkler head will cause water to discharge only if smoke detection is present. The system is monitored 24x7 by onsite personnel.

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