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from $1000.00

Add to your website with an online store. Get a customised shopping cart to sell your goods.

The Catalogue

The online catalogue is the major component of a site which holds and manages products to display to site users. The catalogue is often customised to and will hold and displays all products which the website owner wishes to sell online. The product is represented in the form of a thumbnail with attributes selectable if they exist (i.e. size, colour etc.). All products have a full size primary image plus an unlimited number of associated supplementary images for better display of the product variants or differing angles of view

All products within the catalogue are placed into categories. When a user browses the catalogue they navigate through the categories to arrive at a given product. Each category also supports an image and description to represent its category content.

The catalogue is database driven it enables powerful search capabilities. This cutting-edge technology makes it effortless for shoppers to browse through your product range and find exactly what they are looking for, anytime, and every time. It not only ensures smooth and easy navigation for your shoppers, it is easily managed and can be customized to fit your exact needs. The user-friendly administrative interface allows you or your staff to manage the catalogue’s product from any computer with an internet connection, at any time, and with no technical training. Add new product, remove old product, announce sales or specials, change prices or create new product categories simply by following a few, easy instructions. Some simple, basic keyboard skills are all you need

The Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart integrates with the catalogue

Following is a brief outline of the catalogue/shopping cart features:

  • Support for dynamic images
  • All orders stored in the database for fast and efficient retrieval
  • Customers can view their order history and order statuses
  • Customers can maintain their accounts
  • Address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses
  • Breadcrumb trail for easy site navigation
  • HTML based product descriptions

Built in a component and integrated into the site. Optimised to be search engine friendly, fully integrating the purchase component with the product catalogue component of your site.

The core systems of the shopping cart, the sale of selected products, checkout, orders, payments, and order fulfilment are all designed to be seamless.

After the order has been submitted both admin and the user making the order receive an automated email summarising their order. The order details, including tax invoice, will be available under the users account within the site. Flexible tax implementation on a country basis (default to GST rate for Australia) Set different tax rates for different products Charge tax on shipping on a per shipping service basis

Product attributes allow for the user to select extra options for a given product, essentially customising the product they are purchasing. Attributes are defined (e.g. “colour”), options are assigned (e.g. “XLarge”, “Small”). Attributes and options are then enabled on a per-product basis. This allow the creation of user selectable product attributes that can modify the final product price.

Attribute can also modify other options, for example the quantity of ordered product or weight of items as the customer adds them to their cart.

Attributes offer the ability to bundle product of different size and/or colour with products having multiple attributes if required. Any customer selected attributes will be displayed anytime ordered products are viewed. These options and prices can be defined by the administrator. The shopping cart also has the ability show associated products or companion products to facilitate “up-sell”. The shopping cart has a comprehensive search facility to search out a product or article on a site.

The shopping cart supports sales and specials to set discounts on product for sale and allow the display of these products in a display section of their own. The feature also allows for the price fixing of bulk products purchase.

The shopping cart supports a myriad of payment options from PayPal to direct deposit, with security certificates and modules for a large range of banks to be plugged in for credit card payment. If you have a preferred method of financial management for your site we are flexible enough to accommodate your needs in most cases. The cart can also be set to favour your preferred method of payment by applying discounts set by the administrator.

Shipping Options

The standard Australia Post shipping module is the preferred option for product delivery. It will will “interrogate” the Australia Post online shipping rate calculation website and retrieve all current shipping costs for both national and international freight determined on weight, address and dimensions. It will also offer insurance options up to $5000.00 however size can be a limiting factor larger products will need alternate delivery systems. However these can be custom made to suit the need.

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from $425.00

Keep in touch with your customers or community members, offer new product or just the latest news.

It is always a good marketing strategy to communicate with your purchasers A newsletter can be a subtle way to expose your previous customers to product promotions and saleable items as well as adding content to your site to further your search engine profile.

File distibution

from $150.00

Do you have content you wish to share with friends, members or customers? Sound files, photos, video or maps to distribute?

A document management and download system for your site. With this component you can easily upload and manage files across multiple categories and make them available for download on your website. You can also authorise others to do the same, if there is a requirement, with secure authentication.

The shopping cart can also be utilised to sell such product for download. An example of this could be instructional video for sale. Accessed through an image representation in the sites catalogue and placed in the shopping cart. Purchased in the normal way with no postage component. The customer receives an email to confirm the purchase with secure link to the video repository to facilitate download of the purchased file within a given time.

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from $250.00

Want to let the world know what you are doing or how your product is developing or just how you feel about the world?

We offer a blog (or weblog) component which allows the authorised user to write and submit content for publishing on the site. Blogs are usually (but not always) written by one person and are updated pretty regularly. Blogs are often (but not always) written on a particular topic, photography, to spirituality, to recipes, to personal diaries to hobbies - blogging has as many applications and varieties as you can imagine. Whole blog communities have sprung up around some of these topics putting people into contact with each other in relationships where they can learn, share ideas, make friends with and even do business with people with similar interests from around the world.

Blogs usually have a few features:-

Archives – the user might look at the front page of a blog and think that there is not much to them. A few recent entries, some links to other sites and not much else. However all previous blog entries are archived and accessible to the user

A post goes to the top of the front page. As it gets older and as more posts are added it begins its journey down the page until it disappears from it. This is not the removal of the post, because it goes into the blog ‘Archives’ like a filing cabinet that is easily accessible.

Comments - Not all blogs use comments - but most do. A blog need not be a monologue but a conversation. Users can give me feedback on everything written by clicking the ‘comments’ link at the bottom of each post.

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Photo/Image Gallery

from $150.00

Do you want your photos to look good on line and show off your family, your products or your services?

A photo gallery can be implemented which allows you to create eye-catching slide shows of your pictures on the web with direct linking to a photo or photo albums. You will have the ability to load a background and or foreground image as required additionally some interface elements can be customized to produce a unique gallery to uniquely present your images in.

Event calendar

from $250.00

Do you have a need to show date based events for the public or book a block of dates to rent out your holiday home?

An event calendar is a component for website which enables you to provide a month, week and day overview of events to display to the user on the website. There are a myriad of variants when it comes to calendars some can be implemented to just show events or dates that the administrator sets.

If enabled, a calendar will allow users to be able to submit events from the front-end of your site directly into the calendar with the administrator having the final say as to publication. Some Calendars can be customised to enable the booking and managing of holiday rental property. Again this can be displayed to the public or set purely for the administrator to manage bookings. The versatility of Calendars is limitless they can be adapted to record and display any details that are date related.

Google Event Calendar (a low cost alternative)

A Google Event Calendar is a component for websites which enables you to provide a month, week and day overview of events to your users. It is a package which is managed outside your website although it will be viewed from within your site by visitors. It has very little configurability and some Google branding but it could be considered as a cheap alternative for the superior in house events calendar.

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from $500.00

Need to get a discussion going in your community? Need to find out what others think of your services, or provide feedback?

The forum component lets you create threaded discussion boards, called forums, on your site. This is similar to a other message board systems that have been around for many years. Forums are very useful because they allow community members to discuss topics with one another, and the discussions are archived for future reference.

Topics, or threaded discussions, are posted to a forum. Each topic is comprised of an initial post and replies, or comments. Forum topics can stand alone or be part of a multiple forum. Multiple forums are often set up for different areas of discussion. Forums can also be placed inside other forums for a discussion area that is a subset of the parent forum. By careful planning of the structure of your forums you make it simple for users to find a discussion area of interest to them and it will assist them to get the information they need and for you to come to grips with their issues.

General features provided by the Forum:

  • Mark all topics in a single forum or all forums as read.
  • Forum statistics including number of topics, posts, users, latest user, and currently online users.
  • Shows number of new posts and number of new topics.
  • Displays title of most recent topic in forum linked to the newest comment in that topic.
  • Icon for each forum that changes with new posts and includes legend.
  • Shows last update as “time ago” for recent posts and switches to date posted for older ones.
  • Shows avatar as well as stats and contact links for the post author.
  • Includes a post reply link (button) on the top (and bottom if form on separate page) of the topic.

Forum Security and user login

Users while on the forum pages may read posts however they must join the forum to participate. If the user attempts to make a post they will be prompted to sign up before being able to do so. All data stored by the participants interaction in the forum will be available to the administrator to add, edit or delete.

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Group management

from $600.00

Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'. Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group home page

Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'. Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group home page where subscribers communicate amongst themselves. They do so by posting to blogs, stories, creating pages, galleries and more. An abstract can be shown on the group home page which facilitates these posts.

Groups may be selective or not. Selective groups require approval in order to become a member, or even invitation-only groups. There are lots of preferences to configure groups as are needed.

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To conclude this is just an example of the standard things we offer. After consultation with you we may find that something completely customised is required. We will then plan it out with you to make sure it will produce all that you require of it. We will write it up so we all know what is to be done.

We will then give you a realistic price and offer a contract to do the work. If you engage us we will get the job done for you on time and on budget!

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