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Reasons to buy from PlexityNet

A few reasons to use us to lift your presence on the web

  • We make sure you are able to use all the necessary features of the site. Training is included and we work with you until you are confident.
  • We provide telephone support to enable optimum use of your site for three months from the date of completion for free.
  • Hosting is guaranteed 99.9% uptime with 24/7 support.
  • All sites are fully optimised to enable maximum search engine recognition.
  • We do what you ask! We have the qualifications and the years of experience in the field. We will work with you to integrate your requirements with what is possible.
  • We communicate without the use of jargon! All our staff are university trained in communications. We listen to your needs and reply using language you understand.
  • We guarantee the quality of the product we provide to you! It will match or exceed the expectations provided in the brief agreed to before commencement. We will not ask for final payment until this is achieved.
  • We offer good value for money! Our system of payment is simple and straightforward. There are no hidden costs. You get what you pay for, we guarantee it.
  • Trust! From our basic websites content managed sites to our most complex you get our undivided attention. It is vital to us that your web site meets the previously agreed standard that you asked for.
  • All our sites are self-managed from straight information sites to a fully customisable ecommerce site with custom catalogues. We tailor your site to suit your needs. You only have to articulate what you need.
  • We only have one package, product, type of website and that is “your website” No razzmatazz on special deals which don’t quite give you what you need. “No we can do this cheaper if you leave out this bit” You tell us what you want, we tell you how it can be done for the best price possible.
  • There is not much we can’t do; membership security, blogs, newsletters, shopping carts, galleries these are all standard stuff. What we specialise in is customising sites to do what you want them to do, that is our forte
  • We want you to buy from us, then stay with us. Our guiding principle is “scalability”. We build all our sites to be able to grow when you do. We do this, for the selfish reason, so you will choose to stay with us. You can start with a small information site and expand it seamlessly with our help as required to any size you need.

Hidden fact on website design

Just having the most beautiful and most navigable web site will not help your business at all if the work behind the look is not done properly. Here at PlexityNet we have trained and qualified programmers who are skilled in the art of Search Engine Optimisation. Using the latest techniques in web optimisation the team will give your new site the best possible opportunity to be discovered and indexed by the major search engines which will ensure a higher profile on the web for your business.

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