Building Your Site

How we build your website

PlexityNet has developed a methodology that is specifically designed to ensure that projects undertaken are completed on-time and to the stated budget while ensuring a quality outcome. Below we have a brief overview of this process

Client Information gathering

Initially, for you, PlexityNet conducts a comprehensive analysis of your requirements, if you have an existing site it is evaluated.  What information or product/service is to be marketed?  Who is your target audience, who is your competition?  Together we analyse the information gathering to ensure that our proposed strategy will identify and meet your business objectives and that the site will reflect the business goals you have set.

Site Design (look and feel)

This is an interactive phase of the methodology requiring close communication with you to decide on the design specifications of the site.  Sample designs will be created to allow evaluation of different possibilities for the look and feel of the site. Outcome of which will be a visual representation, placed up on the web, for you to view, of what the site will look like on completion.

Site Development.

Once your approval is received for the design of the web site structure and "the look and feel", we moves into the development phase where PlexityNet begins the site creation.  PlexityNet throughout the process conducts usability tests to ensure that the design is consistent with your requirements.

The Software we use

Drupal Content Management Systems drive our sites

There are many ways to build a website PlexityNet has been building them for over 10 years now.  At first we built from the ground up as in those days the “wheel”, although invented, was not that good, it had a bunch of flat spots on it and grease was needed however a lot has changed since then.

Today the wheel is round and has some pretty good bearings.  So it would be counterproductive to continue using our own system when something that is light years ahead of us is already out there for us to use.  Out there on the web are several varieties of “wheels”, you may have heard of them, Joomla, WordPress and others, we tried them.  But the one we knew, from the very first use, was for us was Drupal.

It had the users, it had the developers, it was open source, it was used worldwide and it had the Drupal community of over half a million contributors.  This was a content management system that was here to stay and we knew it was going forward.  We were right then and we are right now as Drupal is up with the best of the best and all of it open source software and improving in quality and function daily.

Read more about PlexityNet and Drupal.

Site launch

Prior to launching your website, any last minute changes and tests are performed to assist in measuring user satisfaction, as well as benchmarking performance for future improvements.

Measurement and improvement

After the site has been deployed, PlexityNet will maintain a monitoring service.  We will view the site statistics analyses the data and send you an email on ways we feel you could improve the traffic flow to your site.  These solutions are very often something you can do yourself, such as form more links or enrich the content, This will not require further financial commitment on your part.


PlexityNet also provides ongoing service maintenance to its clients. Maintenance typically covers the completion of small site enhancements and the resolution of system issues.  Upgrades, security issues, site enhancements are carried out seamlessly without any interruption to your site.  It is part of the service contract we enter into with you.

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