PlexityNet Websites

Web sites are many things to many people.  Each site is made up of unique components that help it best fulfil its goals.

Ecommerce for sales, forum for community building, newsletters to stay in touch.

Choose the components that you need

  • Ecommerce

    Add to your website with an online store. Get a customised shopping cart to sell your goods

  • Newsletter

    Keep in touch with your customers or community members, offer new product or just the latest news.

  • File distribution

    Do you have content you wish to share with friends, members customers? Sound files photos or maps to distribute?

  • Blog

    Want to let the world know what you are doing or how your product is developing or just how you feel about the world?

  • Image gallery

    Do you want your photos to look good on line and show off your family, your products or your services?

  • Events calendar

    Do you have a need to show date based events for the public or book a block of dates to rent out your holiday home?

  • Forum

    Need to get a discussion going on the hot topics in your club? Need to find out what others think of your services, check out the forum.

  • Groups management

    Enable users to create and manage their own 'groups'. Each group can have subscribers, and maintains a group home page where subscribers communicate amongst themselves.

  • Your site

    What components does your site need?

    Add components as and when you need them.

Your Site

Prices start from $1500.00

All PlexityNet websites come with comprehensive set of standard features and offer the ability for you to extend these features as needed.  All site components can be added at any stage in the sites lifecycle, for example you may choose to build your site with a forum to encourage user interaction or add an ecommerce shopping cart 6 months after your site has launched.

Whenever your site is ready for that next stage we can implement any required features.

You can review a listing of popular components we implement on a regular basis.  Custom features can always be built to whatever specifications you require.

The way PlexityNet prices a website

Ultimately the price of a website depends on the features required.  Every website we have done has had some specific customisation, as every client we have built a site for had unique and individual needs.

The only way to accurately quote for the costs to build a website involves analysing the goals the client has for their site.

We would ask to sit down with the client.  We would discuss the client’s needs.  We have been doing this for a while now.  We can often help the client sort, in their own minds, what exactly they do want.  We make it a point of pride to be upfront with a client.  If we think they do not need certain features or for that matter don’t even need a website we will say so.  If we cannot convince them of this well, we will build whatever site the client wants, but we will never just build a site just to take the clients money.

PlexityNet understands what it takes to create a successful website. In order to be successful, your website needs a marriage of graphic design, programming, communication and marketing. From our experience most of our competitors don’t seem to get all of these things right.

We believe that if you allow us to guide you through the full process, that we recommend, to the purchase of a website you will get the website you really want, which does the things you really need and it will be done in a reasonable time, at a reasonable price.

Let us help you with your next web project.

The six steps to website purchase

The purchase process generally follows these steps:

  1. We receive a contact showing interest, either from our website or on the phone.
  2. We ring the client to make personal contact.
  3. We meet the client for a pressure free chat over coffee and take notes.
  4. We then make suggestions in a free flowing discussion on what the client really needs.  At this point we seek to develop a position of trust between the client and PlexityNet.  This is necessary as the next stage involves PlexityNet spending a deal of our own time working on the detail of the discussion.
  5. We go away and the PlexityNet team plan how the website can be made to the highest possible standards ensuring a plan to deliver on the clients goals.  These plans are outlined in a comprehensive brief explaining to the client exactly what they will be getting from us, if they engaged us, to make their website.
  6. This brief will then be presented to the client, with a quote, for the total cost of the site.  The quote is comprehensive, there are no hidden costs, what you see is what you pay.

We hope that you will check out our site and realise we mean business.

Contact us to see how can we help you with your next web project.

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