Our Carbon Neutral Philosophy

A very important reason to buy from us!

Do you yearn to do the right thing for the planet?

Despite the odd bleating from misguided politicians climate change is with us and life will get harder for us all.  However we at PlexityNet believe that there is hope.  The world will change, but working together, we can control that change and mitigate the more extreme results the planet will face.  Prius Harmony between Man, Nature and MachineWhen we first set up our business we, from the start, had a carbon natural policy.  Our business was run using our 2kw solar array which powered all our workstations and the development server.  All our client contact away from the office was, and is still, carried out with the use of the company car which is a hybrid electric/petrol car, giving outstanding fuel performance. 

Since then our business has expanded and we have moved to new offices.  However our philosophy has not changed at all.  We now power our Development systems using 100% wind power and we still continue to plant a tree for every site we commission which offsets the power usage of our remote servers.  

This enables us to make this guarantee! 

Buy a site from us and you will be buying a site that will be carbon natural.  You will be purchasing a site that will not, in anyway, be responsible for the depletion of the worlds resources.  It is the little things that will make the difference to saving the planet.  If we all embrace the small changes in our lives the big tasks will seem much less impossible and we can leave a cleaner greener planet for our grandchildren.



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