Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you as my web developer over your competition?

Many web designers, while competent at programming, have not had the training in web design.  It is not our place to criticise but there are many other considerations involved over and above programming in a good web site.  Not only has PlexityNet’s personal had a number of years working in the industry we all did the hard yards at university, in information technology, to gain a deeper understanding of the workings of the world wide web.  It is that deeper understanding that gives us the edge and ensures, that your site will, given time, be on the first page of the search engines and not just the tenth.

Is a web site that will look good all I need?

Web design is more than a good-looking interface.  Years of study has gone into how humans interact with websites. It is vital to employ this understanding when developing a site that will be used by your clients.  They must be able to navigate to where their interests lay within your site quickly and with the minimum of fuss this will ensure they will come back again.  Repeat customers are crucial to good sales.

How do I know I am getting a good product?

All our sites are now developed in Drupal.  It is one of the most supported Content Management Systems on the World Wide Web.  Over recent years, there has been an impressive repository of code created and stored at  It is a stable and mature Content Management System offering a wide range of features which are constantly being developed and improved.  We have access to this and use it for the development of our sites, see PlexityNet and Drupal for details.  You will know you have a good product, as your site will do exactly what you asked us to make it do. Our guarantee of this will be in the contract we sign together when you engage us.

I find it hard to understand the technical side to web sites

This is an all too common a cry.  All industries and trades develop a language that only the initiates comprehend.  We at PlexityNet understand this; therefore, we go out of our way to avoid the use of jargon when talking with our client.  We feel that to instil the working trust necessary we must be sure our clients understand perfectly all that we say and do.

How do I know that what I see on my browser is the same as what others see on theirs?

This is an industry problem.  All too often, a different browser will display a website in a different way due to the way it reads and handles the code written for the website.  It is enough however to affect the whole look and feel of the website and how it may be viewed by search engines.  Consequently, an organization was set up to determine standards for web development.  This organisation called the W3C sets standards but it cannot enforce them.  PlexityNet ensures it is familiar with these inter browser foibles and extensively tests its work against the W3C criteria to maximise the viability of any site we develop.

Will my site look professional when it is finished?

How a site looks is very subjective.  I might like muted colours you might like bright ones.  However, what should be common to all sites are flow, functionality, optimisation and security.  PlexityNet due to its experience and training understands this and ensures these essentials, which are integrated into the artistic design we produce for you, ensure the professional look you, or your company wish for.

What will you do to encourage me to buy a website from you?

We will consult extensively with you by phone, or better still in person, until you are sure what we offer is what you want.  We will then, if you are willing, takeaway a verbal agreement that you are committed.  The next step is for us to produce a brief of about five to fifteen pages (dependent on the package required and what options you have chosen) for your detailed study.  A period of correction or modification, in the unlikely chance that the initial consultation had been covered incorrectly in the brief, now proceeds.  Finally, when all stakeholders are satisfied, the signing of the contract, with the deposit of 20% of the contract price, takes place.

Why should I not just spend a bit of time making my own Web site.

It is horses for courses as the saying goes.  There was a time when you might have maintained your own car now you take it to a professional.  Cars are too sophisticated these days for the untrained and ill equipped.  The same applies with a web site.  Any person with enough time and a bit of smarts should be able to do it.  There is a world of difference however between just being able “to do it” and a site that complies to search engine requirements, W3C standards, that is fully optimised for speed, readability, is searchable and has flow and continuity.  Yes, some people make their own just as some people service their own cars but most people come to appreciate that going to a professional is a way to save themselves time and in the end money.  A well-made and maintained site will be trouble free, with the ability to generate high volumes of traffic which, in turn will assist you in your business.

I hear about Search Engine Optimisation or SEO What is it?

Such a critical and yet little understood part of Web Design that we have devoted a whole page to the subject of search engine optimisation.

What is Content Management all about?

Content Management lies at the heart of our Web Sites  if you haven’t seen it already look here for further details.

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