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Your Drupal experts in Australia

PlexityNet leveages the open source Drupal CMS system to build every site we make. Drupal powers simple sites through to huge sites like, read more about Drupal here.

PlexityNet is a member of the Drupal AssoicationPlexityNet is an active member of the Drupal Association, an organisation dedicated to helping Drupal flourish. Memebers of the team actively contribute to the Drupal project and contributed modules to help improve the software. PlexityNet are your Australian Drupal experts.

PlexityNet knows Drupal

We have extensive experience implementing Drupal. We have been building Drupal sites for over 5 years and have experience in:

  1. Simple, small static sites, e.g. Solar Farm Kits
  2. Multi user sites, with role based logins, e.g. Silkwood School
  3. Ecommerce sites, e.g. Sports World
  4. Complex multi user, product management and ecommerce systems, e.g. QLD Sign Factory

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Why Drupal benifits your business

Here are few points from us and other experts why having a Drupal website is important in today’s world and how it can benefit you and your business.

Your customer base

Communicating your message through a web presence

You will have access to an international customer base.  With a Drupal website you can change language’s or reconfigure for hand held devices.

Using, the simple to use, text editor and media handlers you can with the use of relevant images, sound and animation give your clients a real interactive feel for doing business with you. This can be a lot less expensive than traditional media.  The use of Google Adwords will direct visitors focused on your product to your site, potentially expanding your client base more than normal media ever could.  Drupal is configured to accommodate both AdWords and AdSense, without delving into the page code, marketing to maximise the financial return of your site

Selling online

It offers an easy, convenient way for people to do business with you from their homes or office. There are many people for one reason or another, be it distance or mobility, who will access your services online whereas would never do so by visiting your location.

E- Commerce

Your product/service information can easily be kept up to date on your Drupal site by you, daily if required, for free. You cannot do that with an offline brochure, the cost could be prohibitively steep.

Your product/service information and shopping facility is available to clients and prospective customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Drupal has a shopping cart facility called Ubercart that is second to none

With your product catalogue part of the Ubercart shopping facility of a Drupal site you can sell direct to your client. You are able to market with or without images, with text in great detail or with just a few words, with links or testimonials. It’s your salesperson in print; you make the decision on how they sell.

Customer care

Your Drupal website’s URL can be put on any other promotional material so that people will always have a way of finding you and expanding their information on your products.

You can collect email addresses of customers and gather potential new customers with your website.  Drupal has a sophisticated newsletter module that will manage considerately peoples email addresses and send newsletters to those clients that are receptive and avoid those who are not.

A well-built website shows people you are serious about doing business.  A Drupal website by its very nature and its years of development will be a well-built website.

Growing your enterprise

Owning and operating a website will give your enterprise the chance to grow! Some of that growth will be organic because you will be dealing with more customers locally and internationally. Business growth in other areas will be caused by reviewing and refining your business proposition during the web development process. Developing a Drupal website with a web design service enables you to review your products, services and marketing message which will breathe new life into your business.

With your own website you can maximise all areas of your business and ensure that you offer the customer a very professional view, by managing the website content with the simple tools Drupal provides you have the perfect opportunity to present your company at its best and thereby the sales will follow.


Customer contact

A Drupal website enables customer contact anytime of the day or night you don’t have to be at work. You can remotely check customer correspondence as often as you wish by accessing your Drupal site from a remote computer or any web compliant handheld device.

Busines is online

Today, the first place to looks for a business; is online. So it makes sense that you should be there.  You need to ensure that your website is designed and produced by a web design service that understands not only business and website design but the best tools to ensure your site is working at its optimum.  PlexityNet know this well and consequently use Drupal exclusively in their websites Drupal are aware of PlexityNet as well as our business has been one of the many who have contributed work to making Drupal what it is today, Which is a world leader in website content management systems second to none.

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