About PlexityNet

PlexityNet build websites.  We specialise in taking your ideas and creating sustainable solutions that help your business grow.

Our sites are built for individuals through to companies with one common thread - an online presence that helps them manage and grow their business.

Our clients tell us we're doing a good job, and we're continually striving to improve everything we do.

PlexityNet focuses on developing the simple, fast and effective web sites favoured by search engines all built with the world class Drupal CMS. These present to your customer ahead of more elaborate sites and display information clearly quickly and consistently. Check out more reasons to build with us.

The team

Members of the team have been working in the web desin field for over 23 years.  PlexityNet has been a partnership for over 14 years.  We formed a partnership to systematise and consolidate our working practices as we had been working together previously since the year 2000 under our own names of Saul Willers and Jonathan Clough.  We came together back at the turn of the century at Griffith University while we were both doing a degree in Information Technology specialising in Multimedia.

Both of us had been involved in computers for a number of years prior to that and can consider ourselves quite knowledgeable in the field.  It was a marriage of convenience that we came together, one that seems to be to our client’s advantage as well as our own.

Our client base comes mostly from Northern New South Wales however we have clients that operate as far away as Canberra and Toowoomba in addition to several clients in Brisbane, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

Our business philosophy

We have a passion for what we do – and we believe you will see this in our products, our knowledge, our service and our customer relations.

Web Innovation lies at our heart, we constantly challenge convention.  Through fresh thinking we are continually updating our skills in the field of web development.  This ensures you will always be offered products that take full advantage of any new innovation in web design.  We are committed to working in partnership with you the client.  Respecting your knowledge of your own fields of expertise and using ours to enhance that on the World Wide Web.

We believe innovation, partnership and commitment to service are the three hallmarks of the way we approach business.

Where are we

The truly great advantage of the web development field is its ability to be located anywhere there is a internet connection.  We originally chose to locate to a most beautiful part of the world in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales Australia, however time moves on and lifestyles and business opportunities change, so for the most part, we are now located on the Gold Coast in Queensland.  However we still maintain our clients back across the border and continue to attract new ones from there and other locations as well.

Our office is located in Labrador, Qld.  We're open for business so if you need to find us please see the contact page to talk to us.

Our experience

All the members of the team have university qualifications in the field of information technology and Multimedia so we have an excellent understanding of much more than just web design and how to code.  Our training covered all aspects of business on the web, Search engine optimisation design and Human computer interaction.  Check out our portfolio - we're sure you will find that our sites have all the functionality you could need.

All the team have known each other and worked together in the field of Information Technology since 1999 at university and since but have now formed the business PlexityNet to improve our delivery standard.  As of this date we have been running the business for about five years with a diverse range of clients.  We now run our own servers using the latest technology to give us the control to offer a superior service which will be delivered with more certainty and greater speed than most of our competitors.

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